Friday, October 21, 2011

Book Review: Reverberation

How God's word brings light, freedom, and action to His people
by Jonathan Leeman
Moody Publishers, 197 pages

This is the first book I have ever won. A couple weeks ago, I entered a draw for this book on Moody Publisher's blog. I generally enter things like that quite often. But, to my surprise, I received an email the next day saying that I was drawn to win the book. So it is my first prize book.

I wanted to get this book ever since Pastor John Boyd recommended it to me a few weeks ago. He is a smart man, an avid reader, and an experienced pastor, so if he recommends it, I do what I can to get my hands on it. Pastor Boyd said that there is an ongoing debate over whether or not to read this book or 'The Trellis and the Vine' first. I have already read the Trellis and the Vine, so I'll leave that debate for another time.

This is a book about the Word of God. More specifically, it is a book about the reverberating effect that the Word of God has upon the lives of God's people. Leeman breaks this book down into three parts, The Word, The Sermon, and The Reverberation.

Obviously, the first part focuses on what the Word of God is and what it does. The Word invites and divides, and it acts, frees, and gathers. This section is a good description of what the word of God is.

Secondly, Leeman focuses on the sermon. Being a preacher, this is naturally my favorite section of the book. Leeman teaches how an expository sermon exposes, announces, and confronts us. This section alone makes the book worth it.

The third section takes some time to teach how the Word reverberates through our singing, praying, and discipling. Then the last chapter hones in on how through these things, the Word scatters abroad.

This book is worth every penny. Even if I hadn't won it, I would have bought it. I look forward to reading more from Jonathan Leeman in the years to come. Well done!

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