Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Where Is Your God?

 Where is Your God? (Psalm 42)

  • He is above us. Deut. 4:39, Josh. 2:11, Is. 55:8-9

God is above every person, everything, every obstacle, and anything that could be against us. Eph. 1:19-23, 1 Chr. 29:11
You can’t understand Him, you can’t see Him, you can’t touch Him, and you can’t be in His presence without recognizing that God is above you.
  • He is around us. Ps. 125:2, Ps. 34

Wherever you go, God will be there. There is no problem that is greater than God.
  • He is before us. Ex. 13:21

Verse 22: God isn’t going anywhere. He won’t leave us! Deut. 1:30. We don’t have to fight alone. We just need to keep going forward. God is before us, fighting for us. Don’t give up! God guarantees the victory.
  • He is behind us. Ex. 14:19

God is always watching our backs. 1 Cor. 10:4.
  • He is beneath us. Deut. 33:27

When we fall, God will always hold us up. Ps. 37:24, Jude 24-25
  • He is with us. Is. 41:10, Mat. 28:20

Genesis 28:15 We all go through hard times in life. We worry so much about things we cannot control and we are busy complaining and drowning in our problems and we completely forget about God. God loves you and if you are saved, He is with you in every moment.
  • He is within us. Jn. 14:16-17

Unlike believers in the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit lives in each one of us that has received Jesus as our Savior.

It is sad that there are so many Christian people that are discouraged and worrying about stuff. It’s sad because there is a God above them, around them, before them, behind them, beneath them, with them, and within them. Isaiah 43:2. When we say or think we don’t have the strength to go on, it’s because we’re not depending on God. Matthew 11:28

                Psalm 42. Where is your God?

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