Monday, January 13, 2014

Answered Prayers

God answered all of our prayers for our Mikayla Jean. First, we asked him to heal the cystic hygroma problem that was detected early on. God answered by taking that away. Secondly, we prayed that Alicia would be able to carry Mikayla and that she would be born alive even though there was an extremely high risk of miscarriage. I remember sitting in front of the ultrasound specialist and the high-risk doctor and hearing them say ‘we see no reason she shouldn’t be born alive’. God allowed Alicia to carry her for 31.5 weeks and Mikayla was born alive December 28th at 6:30 pm. We prayed that the doctors would care for Mikayla despite her trisomy 18 diagnosis. God answered by giving us a team of doctors and nurses that were very thorough and detailed in their care for her. Next, we asked God to give us some time with Mikayla Jean and he said yes by giving us 39 hours with her. We are so thankful to God for his answers to prayer. It has been our prayer in the last couple of weeks that God would sustain us as we live through this difficult experience. He is answering by surrounding us with our family, as well as brothers and sisters in Christ that are so loving and helpful and encouraging. We thank God and give him the glory for everything he has given us. We know that right now Jesus is caring for our little girl in heaven and keeping her safe until we get there too. We will see her in a little while. Alicia and I are grateful for all the cards, the support, the meals from our Belgrade family, and especially the prayers you have offered up on our behalf. Please pray that we would be able to work through this and continue to trust in God’s faithfulness.

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