Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ecuador 2011 Update

To all who have been praying, I want to say thank you. As well, to all who have given from their hearts to make this trip possible, thank you.

I have been in Ecuador for about a month and a half, which is the halfway marker of my stay here. I thought it would be appropriate to give you an update.

Well, it has been busy for me since day one. I arrived in Ecuador Thursday night of May 19th, right in the middle of when a work team from Colorado was here. The next day we were up early and headed to Mulauco, where we prepared to pour concrete for the roof of what will be classrooms at the church there. We worked hard all day in the hot sun, and by the end of the day it was ready for the concrete. They next day, Saturday, we did the dirty work. It was hard work, and we got it all done in four hours. Many hands make things much easier!

It wasn't exactly the start I had imagined, but it was all good. The Lord blessed the work there, and we hope to see more fruit in the future. I have been fairly busy in the Lord's work since the beginning. I have seen God work in many people's lives. I have been involved in leading music Sunday mornings in Chaupimolino, where we (my parents and I) spend the weekends, On Saturdays, youth group is held, and I have been involved in that as well, leading music, and teaching. In Borja, where we live during the week, God has also allowed me to work by teaching kids, and leading music.

Mom and Dad have been praying about getting a youth ministry started in Borja, and, a couple weeks ago they invited Andres, (the son of Nelly, a woman who mom and dad are visiting) to the house. He brought his guitar and he and I played for a while, we played checkers (he won), and afterwards, we went up to the high school to play ping pong. He and his friends really like ping pong, and mom and dad have been trying to get a table, but haven't got one yet. We played for a couple hours and then called it quits. I think it was the next day when he invited me to go up and play ping pong with him. He brought a friend that time, so we took turns playing the winner of each game. His friend left near the end and we played a couple more games. The Lord then gave the opportunity for conversation. Andres asked about my parents and I being Christians, and that led into more conversation. He said he never really went to church and he was never baptized, and I told him that we believe something different about baptism. I then explained the gospel to him. He listened, and asked more questions afterwards, about Mary and the Bible, and we talked about drinking. I have not seen Andres or talked to him since then. He was sick last week and I haven't heard from him this week. Please pray that the Lord will work in Andres' life and that he will believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved.

Along with leading the music Sunday mornings, i have been able to share a devotional each Sunday with the other guys involved in the music. We have had some good meetings and prayer times.

Last Saturday I was able to lead the music for a wedding of a young couple in the church. It was a great time.

This weekend we are travelling to Chillanes, where two missionary ladies are ministering. Saturday I will be leading the music for the youth group and teaching a lesson. Please pray for me and for the kids.

There is still a lot ahead this summer. There are multiple VBS's being held at various locations, in whch I will be involved, along with teams from the U.S. and Ecuadorians. Pray for guidance, organization, and souls to be saved. The first week of July I will be travelling with my friend John to a place on the way to the coast called Milagro de Dios. This is a town that is very much out in the boondocks. There isn't much there. There's no running water except for the river, and the living conditions are pretty rough. I have been down there before with my dad, but only for a weekend. Please pray that the Lord will use John and I to reach as many people as possible for Christ.

This time hasn't been just a time full of me being involved in God's work, it has also been a tremendous time of learning for me. I have been able to read many great books, all aiding in my spiritual growth. God is teaching me many things, and I have so much to learn. I am learning who God is, and as a result of that, how small I am, and the attitude of humility I must have. I am learning a greater appreciation of the love of God, and how to be the Lord's bond-slave.

Please continue to pray for me. Pray that I will be humble, submissive to the Lord's will, patient. Pray that I will be more like Christ every day. Pray also for the people of Ecuador. Pray for the people of Borja, Chaupimolino, Milagro de Dios, Chillanes. Pray that the Lord will send workers.

I do want to inform you that the Lord, through you, has provided almost all the funds necessary to complete this trip. I am only lacking $300. I trust that God will provide the remaining amount.

Thank you so much for your prayers and for giving. God is not finished here in Ecuador. He's only beginning. Let us redeem the time that we have and use it for God's glory. Praise Him! He is faithful and always good.

Your fellow-laborer in Christ,

Kevin McKeen

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