Friday, June 17, 2011

Titus 2: Effective Church Discipleship

Effective Church Discipleship:
     1.       Has godly examples to follow – v. 2-3
Paul gives Titus a description of how older men and older women in the church ought to be. When a church has examples like this to follow, discipleship is more effective. Those being discipled will have people to look to for demonstration of biblical principles. Tangible, real life examples make learning sound doctrine easier. It is an encouragement to 1) look for godly examples to follow and 2) become a godly example for someone else.
     2.       Older teaching younger – v. 4-6
This is the biblical pattern. There is no substitute in discipleship for experience. A young person may have a lot of head knowledge about the Bible, but the element of experiential daily with God that comes from years of spiritual journey is irreplaceable to effective discipleship.
     3.       Covers all areas of life – v. 7-10
Paul instructs Titus on what areas of life to disciple in: ALL. There isn’t an area left out here. Any discipleship that focuses on an area of life at the exclusion of others is incomplete. For example, you may be able to teach a vast knowledge of biblical doctrines, but if taught without an explanation of how to live these doctrines, you have failed in your discipleship. Cover all areas as Paul has instructed.
a.      Doctrine
b.      Good Works
c.       Integrity
d.      Reverence
e.      Incorruptibility
f.       Sound speech
g.      Work Ethic
     4.       Is Gospel-centered – v. 11-14
The complete salvation process is described here. Past justification, present sanctification, and future glorification are all described here. Often times a person might have made a profession of faith without fully understanding the gospel. Effective, gospel-centered discipleship will reveal this and provide opportunity to trust the Lord.
     5.       Is Evangelism-focused – v. 15
Paul commands Titus to speak these things. The goal of discipleship is evangelism. And the goal of evangelism is discipleship. It is an on-going cycle in the church. Effective discipleship leads to more evangelism. The goal of Christianity is to ‘get the word out.’ Discipleship strengthens the number of effective evangelists the church has.

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