Sunday, February 12, 2012 on God's Faithfulness

On Wednesday I shared with you a verse from Psalm 37. Do you remember what it was? Trust in the Lord and do good. Dwell in the land and feed on His faithfulness. Well, let me tell you, that verse has been on our minds and hearts the last few days.

I shared that verse with you on Wednesday, in part to encourage myself with the whole job search thing. There were moments in the last few weeks that it has been difficult to trust in the Lord. Well, Wednesday I was offered a job. I was blown away. Thanks God for showing me Your faithfulness. I was satisfied with God's tremendous answer to my prayers.

Tonight during the service I shared that verse and the new job with the congregation at Belgrade Bible Church. Little did I know that God was not done showing me His faithfulness. After the service we had a fellowship supper, which on the second Sunday night of the month is routine for BBC. What I didn't realize was that the folks here at church came together and gathered groceries and cards for Alicia and me. All in all, our freezer is packed to the MAX, our kitchen table is covered with pantry-type foods (all gluten-free by the way) and our coffee table is covered with beautiful cards and gift cards from our church family. The gift-cards and cash totaled more than $700. Wow!

The Lord has shown us that when we feed on His faithfulness, it is not just eating the crumbs that fall from His table. It is a banquet feast, prepared with God's very best. I can't think of a more exhilarating way to live life than to trust in the Lord fully and do what you know He has called you to do. We rejoice this evening knowing full well that our God is a faithful God. When we put Jodie down for bed we pray that the Lord would help us to remember this day so we can tell Jodie and Kendra years down the road about how faithful our God is. Great is Thy Faithfulness! 

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