Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Book Review: God Wins - Heaven, Hell, and Why the Good News is Better than Love Wins

By Mark Galli
152 pages, Tyndale House Publishers

This is the third response to Love Wins that I have read, so I won't take too long. Galli brings yet another perspective to the Love Wins discussion. While Chan and Sprinkle brought out the pastoral side of things, seeking to refocus our thoughts towards a love for the lost, and Wittmer sought to identify exactly which heresies Rob Bell had aligned with, Galli seeks to show that Love Wins merely scratches the surface of the ideas it seeks to present.

In each chapter, Galli gives a compelling, biblical argument for why Love Wins only touches on the beginnings of subjects like heaven, hell, and the fate of every person who ever lived. He shows that Love Wins is completely devoid of even mentioning the Holy Spirit, that Love Wins doesn't explain who Jesus really is, and that Rob Bell never touches upon the great mystery of the Trinity. Galli also shows that Love Wins minimizes every man's sin to a level of interpersonal offenses rather than what it is in truth, an infinite offense against a holy God.

This book is enlightening to some things that I had not noticed in Love Wins and it will help you understand to a fuller, more biblical level as to why Love Wins fails to show truth so many times. It is an easy read, but not as easy to read as Erasing Hell. I recommend this book, but again, I realize that this book will not reach the eyes of many unbelievers who are and will be deceived by Bell's book.

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