Monday, July 25, 2011

Book Review: Power Perfected in Weakness – The Journal of Christopher J. Klicka

Shepherd’s Press 2010
168 pages

I got this book from an online ‘yard sale’ at a few weeks ago. I didn’t really see that it was a journal when I bought it. But it looked interesting, and it was only $2, so how could I go wrong, right? I had no idea who Chris Klicka was, or what he had done. I discovered that he was the lead attorney for the Home School Legal Defense Association for a number of years. He spoke at various Home School conventions and other venues.

This book gives some of Chris’ journal entries during his 15 year battle with multiple sclerosis. As the title suggests, much of this book is devoted to how God’s strength was displayed in Chris despite continually debilitating MS. Chris was unable to finish this book, but his wife, and a few of Chris’ closest friends helped finish up the last couple chapters.

I found this book incredibly encouraging. It was exciting to read of a man who was devoted to the Lord even in the midst of a battle with MS. Chris constantly shared Christ with his neighbors, EMTs that took him in ambulances, hospital nurses and doctors, home repair men, and countless others . Even after he passed away, his family slipped a tract into his hands so that the person at the mortuary would get a tract from taking care of Chris’ remains.

I felt that Chris’ journal entries were the strongest part of the book. The last few chapters were a bit redundant because they consisted of 4 or 5 of Chris’ closest friends recording what the last two weeks of Chris’ life were like. The Lord used this book to encourage me, and to see the need for evangelism everywhere I go. Chris Klicka is an encouragement even after his death. God’s power was truly displayed in this weak man’s life.

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