Friday, December 9, 2011

Revival: Some Questions and Answers

This post comes from Dr. Robert J. Leland, D.MIN, deacon at State Street Baptist Church, and a good friend of mine. Bob has always been faithful in helping me to further think through the sermons that I preach. He gave me this short Q&A after a recent sermon on revival in the book of Jonah. You can read that sermon here.

"Will You not revive us again, that Your people may rejoice in You?" -Psalm 85:6

Q: What does the word "revive" mean?
A:"To bring back from death." "Bringing back from death that which was once alive."

Q: A Christian cannot die spiritually because God has already made him alive (Eph. 2:1-6), but he CAN become cold spiritually. How does that happen?
A:Unconfessed sin.
Careless spirit.
Being deceived by false teaching--anti-Biblical teaching.
Feeling betrayed by the Lord or other Christians.
Hypocrisy in others--wrong focus.
Misunderstanding about how the Lord works and what the Christian life actually is.
Persecution--fearful the stand for Truth.
Compromise--fearing to be seen as "different."
Desire for material things.

Q: What characterizes the life of a "cold" Christian?
A:Overcome by temptation and sin.
Broken relationships.
Lax in church attendance because of other priorities.
Doesn't want to pray or read the Word.
Feels guilty, but doesn't want correction.
Criticizes others as being "too holy."
Refuses to repent or ask forgiveness from the Lord or from others.
Has no desire to witness, or serve the Lord.

Q: What characterizes the life of a "revived" Christian?
A:Victory over sin and temptation.
Evidence of the fruit of the Spirit.
Desire to pray and be in the Word.
Desire for fellowship with God's people.
Teachable spirit; humble spirit when criticized.
Willing to ask forgiveness when wrong, and grant forgiveness when wronged.
Desire to serve the Lord without being asked.
Diligent in using his spiritual gift(s).
Concern for the unsaved; world missions.
Desire to share the Word/Gospel with others.
Delight to talk about the Lord and spiritual things.
Joyful in giving and helping others.

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