Monday, January 9, 2012

Book Review: What the Bible Says About... Being A Man

By J. Richard Fugate
Published by Foundation for Biblical Research, 223 pages

There is a great lack of real men in our world, even among Christians. But what does it mean to be a real man? J. Richard Fugate has divided this book into four sections, the first entitled Where Are We and How Did We Get Here? In this section the author explains the historical, social, philosophical, and spiritual reasons why there are real men missing in our society. In section two, called The Make-up of Man's Soul - Who Am I? Fugate describes the creation of mankind, along with the differences between men and women, physically, mentally, etcetera. In section three, The Functions of a Biblical Man - Who Should I Be?, the writer gives a clear explanation of the biblical role of man. Lastly, in section four, The Ultimate Role of Biblical Manhood - Leadership, J. Richard Fugate tells what biblical leadership is, what biblical leaders look like, and the roles that must be filled.

The author does a wonderful job of using Scripture to support his points. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found it very helpful to me. I liked the use of history, the Bible, and even humor throughout the book. I really learned many things about being a man, and what I should be striving for. It really gave me a sense of purpose, and a good understanding of who I am and who I should be.

The book is really written for married men, but it is better to learn these things before marriage, so as to be a better husband from the start. So whether you are married, single, or not even thinking about any of that, I recommend this book for all men. Perhaps you have a skewed understanding of what being a man is. J. Richard Fugate will guide you, from the Bible, on what things may need to change in your life, and what things you may be already doing right. The book is 223 pages of large font, making it a very easy read. If you can get your hands on it, do it. Be a real man. Be God's man.

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