Friday, January 27, 2012

Men for God - Session 1

I'm at the Men for God rally at NBBI today and tomorrow. So I'll be posting what notes I take down.

Gary Stairs
"Long-haul Living"

It's a marathon, not a sprint.
We want our lives to make a difference.

PAUL - Acts 26

You get to know a man by knowing his testimony.

V. 9 - Paul was religious, sincere, he wanted to make a difference, he was serious, admired, strict, he wanted to do many things...CONTRARY to the name of Jesus of Nazareth. This is a life of FRUSTRATION and NO PEACE. (contrary - Matt. The disciples on the sea, the wind and waves were CONTRARY to the boat.)

V. 12 - The road to Damascas. Jesus speaks to Paul. God got Paul's attention. GOD CAN GET OUR ATTENTION. He put Paul in the dirt. It was a personal message. Only Paul heard the message.

V. 16 - "Stand up" God brought Paul from Pride to Humility. "I will make you a minister and a witness" (only through God's Power) God gave Paul PURPOSE.

The Purpose of long-haul living - "minister and witness"

The Plan of long-haul living - what God will reveal

We don't know all the plan, but God reveals it one step at a time. "You're going to have to trust Me."

At the end of a long-haul life, look back and say WOW WHAT A LIFE!

V. 17 - The Promise - "I will deliver you" - With God's promise we can trust in God in even the most difficult steps.

V. 19 - Paul was obedient

V. 22 - Paul endured and continued because of God's faithfulness. With His help we can enjoy living His way--the Long-haul life.

Allow God to work. Let Him get your attention. Obey what He reveals.

I believe that you can listen to the messages to the Men for God rally at

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