Friday, January 13, 2012

When Becoming A Foreign Missionary

Back in my freshman year at NBBI, a missionary came to our missions class. He gave us this very helpful information, which I hope you will find just as useful. 

When Becoming a Foreign Missionary:

       I.      Be sure you are called by GOD.
a.       If you aren’t doing something here, you won’t be doing anything there.

    II.      In the field, remember: you are the foreigner. They didn’t invite you. God called you. Adapt.

 III.      Learn to discern between God’s Word and your culture or preferences.
a.       You are there to preach the Word, not to share your preferences/culture.

 IV.      Make it clear what you will do and what you won’t do.
a.       You aren’t going there to be their savior. Christ already did that.

    V.      Keep it balanced
a.       Ministry
b.      Health
1.      Spiritual
2.      Emotional
3.      Physical
c.       Relationships
d.      Family life

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