Saturday, January 28, 2012

Men for God - Session 2

Day two of the Men's Rally here at NBBI. I'm convinced that there is nothing quite like 300 men singing praises to our God. It is incredibly moving to listen to. What a great day that will be when we can all sing with one voice in heaven.

Gary Stairs
"Long-haul Men" - Tracking

Don't over complicate God's will. God's will is that we BE SAVED, then live life to the fullest UNDER HIS DIRECTION.

God's tracking system will never fail. It will never lead you down the wrong road.

You cannot know the will of God apart from the Word of God (the infallible tracking system).

Psalm 139 - We are not being asked to follow a fallible, man-made plan.

V. 1-6 - God is perfect in His knowledge. Totally complete. Socrates: "know thyself". God: "know the One who knows everything about you."

V. 7-12 - God is perfect in His Presence. He is always there to provide course corrections for "long-haul living".

V. 13-16 - God is perfect in His control. Let the one who knows what He is doing be in control.

V. 17-18 - God is perfect in His love. He takes care of us. We are never off His mind.

V. 23-24 - "lead me"- Perfect Submission to God's tracking system.

Allow God to lead. Obey His promptings.

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